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Many people wish to keep some plants in their house for a touch of greenery, however most soil based plants have to be watered daily or they will dry up, with succulents like aloe vera, cactus being the only exceptions. However most plants which will survive in water like pothos or money plant will survive for a reasonably long time, especially indoors as the water usually will not evaporate quickly. Hence hydroculture will be in more demand in future as people lead an unpredictable life and cannot attend to their plants daily.

While money plant or pothos can be easily found and grown at home, in water or soil without a major problem, it is more difficult to find suppliers of hydrophonic plants which will grow in water. The prices of these plants will also vary a lot depending on where it is being purchased some aquariums are charging Rs 15-20 per plant, while others are charging as much as Rs 100- Rs 150 per plant.

Online some hydrophonic/aquarium plants have been ordered for review purposes to check the quality and prices of the plant, how easy they are to grow, lifespan of the plants:
DuckWeed Rs 25.00
Vallisneria asiatica Rs 25.00
Vallisneria nana Rs 30.00
Hygrophila difformis Rs 30.00
Ludwigia Repens Rs 35.00
Rotala Wallichii Rs 40.00
Hairgrass Rs 40.00
Cabomba caroliniana Rs 40.00
Vallisneria Gigantea Rs 40.00
Bacopa monnieri Rs 40.00
Salvinia minima Rs 40.00
Azolla caroliniana Rs 40.00
Dwarf Lily Rs 100.00

The plants will be delivered within a week of placing the order according to the supplier. These plants are usually grown in aquariums which have an elaborate setup for pumping and filtering the water. However water and electricity is a dangerous combination, so it is to be checked how these plants are going to survive in a container without any pump , only in water and mud, or soil. This is suitable for areas where electric supply is erratic.

It is observed that many commercial aquariums are keeping the aquatic plants and fish in separate tanks so that the fish do not eat the plant, though most people keeping the fish at home will also keep the aquatic plants in the same tank as they do not have enough space for keeping the fish. The aquatic plant buyer is trying to do research on low maintenance aquatic plants, which can be easily grown at home.

The soil for growing these aquatic plants is not easily available and fairly expensive. usually costing Rs 40-50 for 250 gm . Newer companies in the field are more eager to help their customers and provide more information, compared to older companies.,

There are some commercial aquariums which stock a large variety of fish, however they do not stock any kind of aquarium plants. Compared to fish, aquarium plants are a far better choice as it can be difficult to transport the fish. Some fish sellers do not provide proper packaging for the fish they are selling, due to which the fish have to be unpacked. If the bowl or bucket is not properly sealed, the fish will jump out of the bowl was transport and die. In comparison, transporting the plants is relatively simple, so they are a better option.